Grand Paris Express [SMC]

Saint-Maur-Créteil / Val-de-Marne / 2020

The Grand Paris Express station is performed at the intersection with an existing station, the RER A Saint-Maur – Créteil. It is inserted in an urban environment already set in a dynamic district of Saint-Maur, and can be described as near train station. This notion of proximity reflects the human dimension of the neighborhood in which it is inserted, its scale and its current practice by motorized traffic. Thus, this station family must, beyond the prerequisite functional connection and efficiency of the Grand Paris, to the state of what is already there to insert it harmoniously. The arrival of this new network impulsera dynamic across more distant territories it connects. The goal is then to ensure a respectful insertion in highly charged areas, where the arrival of new equipment is working closely with local stakeholders.
The Transmission System Grand Paris develops basement on a plot north – south and crosses the network RER A orthogonally to the existing station level. On the surface, an imposing office building is attached to the north quay of the RER. A place emerges between this building and a linear small collective housing buildings with shops on the ground floor. Instead is treated mineral and linearly parallel to the facade of the office building. It develops on two levels, the ground and one on the ground floor of the office building. Emergences linked to access to the underground parking are occasionally positioned on the surface of the square. The current access to the station is not visible from the adjacent streets as it integrates into the building in the center of the square. The vertical fracture is treated with vegetated areas that mask even more access to the RER. The route of the RER A Air operates a rupture between a northern territory, dynamic and central and southern area mostly residential and suburban. This rupture is affected by differences in treatment approaches to the existing station, on one side a pedestrian square open and active, another monofunctional and isolated bus station. The area around the future station are thinking from a wide area in order to link with different moods and qualities of the city. During an approach punctuated by the sounds and smells of the market, the station could be seen as an extension of the bustling square. During a cycling movement, that are plant continuities and the feeling of space that could be valued. At a more functional use as multimodal exchange pole, the station could provide the opportunity to feel the urban qualities, the attractiveness of the city of St Maur.
The emergence of the station is imagined instead of the central section of the office building described above. This central position is expected to break the “bar” effect night conditions for the quality of existing instead. The new façade and development could be an opportunity to give back centrality instead, to stage a more obvious to the user par¬cours surface. The visibility of access that is lacking in the existing station is significantly improved with this new emergence but also thanks to the revelation of the city link. The Marquise is a further signal that guides the audience and invited to cross.
The move is driven businesses that create continuity with the activity of the site and neighborhood. This new movie is an invitation to enter the passage to cross the hill to find the link between the south facade and the rest of the territory. The bus station we find dark and neglected by the city is connected to the transition and the new station through this new business connection. The pavements are widened to give room for pedestrians, develop Waiting better proportion¬nés, weakness of the current bus station. The elements of vertical circulation lead in the facade of the volume of ground floor which overlooks the square. This proposal allows to spread the light to the right of traffic thanks to the proximity with the facade. The treatment of this volume of double height access and open air gives a dimension to the landscape. The Grand Paris Express station occupies one third of the linear frontage on the square. It is a true window on the transport and the city. The Connecting traveler is thus invited to discover the area, why not stop and enjoy the bustle of the market.

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