Gare cœur d’agglo.

Nogent-Sur-Oise / Oise / 2017

Redefining the agglomeration heart Station neighborhood is an ambitious project whose success depends on innovative urban solutions to be adopted. The site, which covers 270 hectares, is remarkable for its diversity of landscapes and situations: wooded hillsides, the banks of the Oise, warehouses, factories, workers’ houses. The Creillois and Nogentais deeply about these places which it is essential to preserve the singularity.

This project, supported by a strong will, in particular elected representatives, aims to orchestrate the revival of the heart of the Creil agglomeration and job creation around the arrival of the LGV connection Roissy Picardie in 2020. The station area heart of chipboard. was formed over time by a mosaic of urban rooms each with its own identity and its operating logic. This singularity grows to devise customized projects tailored to each urban context.

The “genius loci”, in the sense of urban spirit, is the foundation on which will be based strategies, be it the development of the hillsides, the banks of the reconquest of the Oise , or the opening of islet hearts. The definition of a skyline along the railway tracks is essential. Respect for the architectural and social history of Creil basin will be the guarantor of a specific identity of the station area of ​​chipboard heart. This is why the “spirit of chipboard heart” is above all a desire to make the city differently: a landscape, accessible, intense and customized city can offer an attractive part of life.

The guide plan defines the “invariants”. They characterize the general mind, a direction in which we must strive for the long term. Invariants are based on a series of attitudes: promoting renewable energy and bioclimatic design, build “customized” priority to the use …

Corridors / The installation of a green belt, corridors, helps reveal the landscape of the hills that border the valley. This frame comes with green vegetable continuities open to pedestrians and bicycles, which step by step, will reconnect the city to the wide open spaces on the trays while promoting a better connection of the city with its river.

Loop / The creation of a “loop” that combines different mobilities ensures the structuring of the new central piece of city that allows to articulate the different neighborhoods and constituent entities of the city. Viaire This structure provides greater clarity for all while allowing effective dissemination of displacement from the fringes of the neighborhood.

Train Station / We propose to create an urban railway station, in continuity with the city. A station that connects to major public spaces spanning railways natural extension of historic public spaces.

Halles / rehabilitation and integration of new islets in large industrial halls will integrate and reconcile atypical schedules (associative spaces, indoor gardens, shared spaces) in connection with housing neighborhoods.

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