Écoquartier Grand Est

Dijon / Côte-d'Or / 2020

The East Grand Territory is one of the major project areas of Dijon territory who, by urbanization, urban and environmental translate the ambition of the city of Dijon and the Grand Dijon. It is located at the southeast entrance of the city and includes three project sites: Mont Blanc 1 and 2, located around the junction of the A39 motorway and the ring road N274 Georges Pompidou, and Ecocity Jardin des Maraîchers, located further west, on the site of the old slaughterhouse.

The Ecocity Jardin des Maraîchers, with an area of ​​approximately 19 hectares, will be the first realization of the Greater East territory. His vocation to become a city contemporary garden, exemplary in terms of ecology, as well as its past market gardening area gave it its name.

For a city and a sustainable eco-district can propose alternative modes of transport, public transport must be strengthened through a proactive and incentive strategy. Two tram lines are under construction in the city of Dijon: A tram that serves the North and the Southern territory, tram B leading from the center and serves the East. On the latter, the station “Campus” closest to the eco-city is located between 15 and 20 minutes. Urban planning will go on foot or by bike from the city center to the entrance southeast of the City, by soft links.

The area is accessible to cars, but treatment pathways and their size allows limited impact of the automotive presence in the eco-city. The mesh of soft modes district is completed by alleys that crisscross between the islands in the North-South direction, spaces are often invested by residents. They become shared facilities, extensions of the living areas, trade media and social links.

From an environmental perspective, water will be largely infiltrated directly into the ground, routed to the central park landscape with valleys, or retrieved directly in these valleys. Located along the alleys and paths mixed, they adorn the stroll by their landscape quality.

The goal of the development project is to implement housing consistent with a bioclimatic design. A connection to the heating network, created by the Grand Dijon, as privileged. All materials from the demolition of existing buildings will be reused to build up the pavement structures, etc. Sorting will obviously be implemented, with easy access to the storage spaces.

The project Ecocity Jardin des Maraîchers features a shared space, in contrast to a gated community. Of shared spaces, programmatic diversity, social and generational and living spaces advocating the Use’s High Quality, are offered either at the neighborhood level or at the level of the unit Housing.

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