The practice

ANMA-Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés-(Nicolas Michelin, Michel Delplace and Cyril Trétout) is a Limited Company based in central Paris in the 10th arrondissement that employs 80 people. It is structured into two departments, architecture and urban planning, as well as covering work in the fields of landscaping and design.


A number of ANMA’s attitudes towards programmes and sites have been apparent since it was first founded in 2000: drawing strength from and acting in relation to the existing elements; utilising light, economic and sound solutions; seeking energy-saving systems; aiming for the essential; opening up possibilities for future, unplanned uses. These are the guiding principles in all our projects. For each new study, we develop ideas and make visual and theoretical research that will bolster these approaches.
We have a consistent approach based on five strong ideas: ultracontextuality, lightness, “natural” energy savings, adaptability, and the extraordinary ordinary. Every one of our projects is different and it is this custom-made approach that qualifies our production.

Urban planning

Ongoing observation of the city has taught us to distinguish the hidden importance, the significantly ordinary and the elements of context at play and further the analysis and choices we make in our urban studies. We are convinced that dwelling on a small scale is just as important as infrastructures on a large scale. Hence the specific intentions we express to reinforce and support the urban project. These plans make way for the architecture of designers who will come and work on the site, but also lay down invariants that nonetheless provide for vast potential. An urban master plan is a guide map that will know how to adapt to circumstances over time.

Our architectural and planning projects are all designed and developed along ecological principles: create lightweight constructions, avoid traumatising the site, leave room for nature, create green stretches, harness wind and solar energy, collect rainwater, and use the coolness of the ground for ventilation.
Proper integration, reinforced specificities, making use of potential, mixing functions: these attitudes form the cornerstones of respect for the environment.

2014 : Appointment to the price of the silver bracket for the national library of Strasbourg
2013 : Creation of the foundation ANMA/ F and opening of “manne”
2012 : Opening of the agency in China, opening of the agency in Bordeaux
2011 : ANMA has won for the construction of the future Ministry of Defence in Balard
2010 : Special mention to the price of the silver bracket (Grand Large in Dunkerque)
2008 : Nicolas Michelin is the first commissioner of the Agora Biennale in Bordeaux
2006: ANMA is the winner of the ARTEM Campus in Nancy
2005: Nicolas Michelin Appointment of Town Planning Grand Prix
2003: Special Mention of the silver bracket Price (Gymnasium Europole, Grenoble)
2001: Creation of ANMA – Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés

3 Associate Planners Architects,
60 employees
3 directors:
Jean-Pierre Buisson,
Architectural project manager
Thomas Hermann
Director of planning projects,
François Bonnet
Chief Financial Officer,
1 layout artist,
1 communication manager,
5 administrative assistants,
2 Accounting,
2 HR managers.

C.A. 2014: € 9.5 million H.T
C.A. 2013: € 10.4 million H.T


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